High vs Low Pressure

The biggest decision you must make when buying a misting system is whether you want to get a low pressure misting system or a high pressure misting system.

There are pros and cons to each type of system. Below we discuss in detail what the differences are between these two types of misting systems.

Low Pressure Misting Systems - Cools air up to 20ºF

Low pressure misting systems are popular because they are the most affordable misting system to own. They also do not require any special pump and connect directly to a garden hose or hose faucet. Since there are no pumps involved
there is no noise to worry about.

Low pressure misting systems will create a fine mist but not as fine as a high pressure system. The quality of your misting nozzles will determine how fine of a mist you get. This is why it is important to not buy a cheap, low quality system.

In low humidity areas you can expect up to 20ºF of cooling from a low pressure misting system. In high humidity areas it will vary from 10º to 15ºF or more.

High Pressure Misting Systems - Cools air up to 30ºF

High pressure misting systems are the most efficient because they use high pressure water. The high pressure water creates a very fine mist that can evaporate much faster. This not only prevents you from getting "wet" but allows you to cool the surrounding air up to 30ºF.

These systems require a special misting pump in order to supply the system with high pressure water. Misting pumps generally supply around 1,000psi of water pressure to the misting system. These misting pumps are expensive and
often times what make people opt for a low pressure misting system.

Your humidity level will determine how much cooling your system provides. In low humidity areas you can expect up to 30ºF of cooling, while in high humidity areas you can expect up to 20ºF of cooling.

Keep in mind the misting pump will make noise. Because they are air cooled, you cannot cover them to reduce sound without risking damage to the pump. We recommend locating the pump away from your patio area to keep the noise down.

If you have a very small misting system with not many nozzles, a high pressure misting system is not recommended as it puts a lot of stress on the misting pump. This can cause the pump to fail quickly and lead to costly repairs. For very small systems, you are best to go with a low pressure misting system.

For most residential high pressure misting systems, the average cost for the misting system and misting pump is usually around $2,500 to $3,000.

For most residential low pressure misting systems, the average cost of the system is usually between $150 and $500 depending on the size and type of misting line used. For small systems, some can be installed for less than $100.