10' Low Pressure Nylon Misting System

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The 10' Low Pressure Nylon Misting System comes with enough nylon tubing, fittings, and nozzles to mist up to 10 feet. The kit is designed to place a misting nozzle every 2 feet. 

Push to connect style fittings make this one of the easiest misting systems to install. Simply cut your tubing to the desired length and push it into the fitting to create an instant locking seal. This saves you a lot of time and ensures a leak free misting system for trouble free operation.

This misting system connects to a garden hose or directly to a hose faucet. No special pumps required.

Included with the 10' Low Pressure Nylon Misting System:

(1)         Garden hose swivel
(1)         10' Roll of High Pressure Nylon Tubing
(1)         Tubing Cutter
(5)         Push to Connect Misting Tees
(6)         Brass Misting Nozzles (10/24 Thread, 0.012" Orifice)
(1)         Push to Connect 90º Elbow Fitting (to end misting system)
(3)         Mounting clamps