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Portable High Pressure Water Mister

Regular price $239.99

Note: Stand is painted in picture but is shipped unpainted. Stand can be painted with any spray paint designed for plastics for less than $10 if you desire. Unpainted stands will contain letter markings. Picture shows a low pressure misting head, high pressure misting head has brass nozzles.

Our Portable High Pressure Mister connects to any high pressure misting pump (sold separately) and gives you all the benefits of a high pressure misting system without time consuming installation.

The portable mister arrives 95% assembled. Simply slip the feet onto the stand base and slip the tower in the base and you are all done. No tools or instructions needed.

The misting head is constructed out of high quality anodized aluminum with brass misting nozzles. Each misting nozzle consumes 1.6gph@1000psi (0.012" orifice size). The stand is constructed out of durable PVC for rigidity and light weight. Universal quick connect included for attaching the misting head to your misting pump.

The mister itself does not have a lot of throw, so you need the breeze or air flow to carry the mist over a larger area. With a slight breeze, the mist will travel well over 30 feet. You can run several of these misters off a single misting pump.