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18" Ceiling Mount Misting Fan

Regular price $379.99

Shipping Note: The fan will ship from the manufacturer's warehouse and the mister will ship from our warehouse for you to attach to the front of the fan using two zip ties. This nearly eliminates backorders.

Attaches to any garden hose, no pump required.

Our 18" Low Pressure Ceiling Mount Misting Fan is great for use in areas where space is an issue. The yoke style mounting bracket allows you to mount the fan to the ceiling or wall and the bracket has a tilt angle adjustment to direct air flow. The fan motor is totally enclosed and offers 3 speed settings with the highest setting moving up to 3125 CFM of air. UL Listed and meets OSHA requirements. Fan runs on 115 volts. Connects to a garden hose.

Attached to the front of the fan guard is one of our anodized aluminum mister heads that houses the misting nozzles. This low pressure misting fan come with a garden hose swivel to attach to a garden hose. Each plastic misting nozzle has a built-in mesh screen filter to prevent nozzle clogging and damage.