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Portable Low Pressure Misting Fans
Portable Misting Fans Specs

- Uses holding tank for water supply, no need for a hose with
constant water supply.

- Full tank of water (22 gallons) will last 5 to 8 hours
depending on how many nozzles you have turned on

- Each nozzle has a valve to turn them on/off

- Fan has totally enclosed motor, UL507 Listed

- Fan folds down for storage or transport.

- Enclosed 60psi pump to supply fine mist to nozzles

- Built-in GFCI protected plugs for fan and pump, 115 volts

- Rugged 8" all terrain tires

- Drain plug efficiently empty water holding tank when finished

Note: We do not manufacture this item and therfore it
does not use our misting nozzles with built-in filters.
This item ships via truck freight.

These Portable Low Pressure Misting Fans are ideal for sporting events, horse pastures, fairs, or anywhere else you need a misting fan but
have no access to a garden hose. Simply fill the large 22 gallon water holding tank with water and it will last for 5 to 8 hours depending on how
many nozzles you have turned on. Each misting nozzles has a built-in valve to turn nozzles on or off. Fan has 3 speeds: low, medium, and high.

A built-in 60psi water pump supplies the misting nozzles with a fine mist and no other pumps are required for operation. The fan and water pump
run on two separate cords so you can use just the fan if desired without the misters running. Each cord has a built-in GFCI plug for safety.
Rugged 8" tires allow the unit to roll over most surfaces with ease. Fan head tilts down for compact storage or transport and the fan utilizes a
totally enclosed, UL507 listed, fan motor for outdoor use. Drain plug on water holding tank efficiently empties tank of water when you're done!

Important Note: This item is not manufactured by us and therefore it does not use our misting nozzles with a built-in mesh screen
filter. This item ships via truck freight and lift gate service is included in the prices below for no extra charge. Once ordered this
Item Number                             Description                                       Price

VPC18-POW                18" 3 Nozzle Non-Oscillating Fan                    $1,749.99   

VPC24-POWOSC            24" 4 Nozzle Oscillating Fan                        

VPC30-POWOSC            30" 4 Nozzle Oscillating Fan                        $1,949.99
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