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Portable Low Pressure Water Mister

Available with 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10 misting nozzles

Each misting nozzle consumes .63gph@40psi or

Available Stand Colors: Bronze or Silver

Unpainted From: $149.99 to $229.99

Painted From: $179.99 to $259.99


Note: Due to the size box this item ships in, shipping is very expensive and adds a lot of cost to this product. We are now offering this product
with an unpainted stand as an "economy" version to help lower the price. You can paint the stand yourself in ANY color you want by purchasing
spray paint designed for plastics at any hardware store for around $5. Unpainted stands do have PVC markings on them if left unpainted.

Our portable low pressure water misters are perfect for where a water mister is needed but a permanently mounted mister or misting system
cannot be installed. This is the perfect mister for sporting events, large pool decks, or out in the middle of your yard for pets or sunbathers. The
portable mister is also effective cooling your patio or deck if you do not want to install a permanent misting system or mister.

Simply hook the portable mister up to any standard garden hose and the mister will start making a fine mist. Since the water mister flows such a
low rate of water, you can easily run several of these misters off a single water faucet provided you have a garden hose splitter. The four legs on
the stand prevent the mister from falling over while the mister is in use. The water mister head is made from precision machined, anodized
aluminum which helps to cool the tap water for effective mist cooling. The water hose connection on the mister head is made from high quality
brass components. The misting head is mounted on an elevated tower to increase the coverage area of the mister. The stand and tower can be
broken down in seconds without tools for compact storage or for transporting the mister in a vehicle.

This portable water mister comes with our unique misting nozzles that have built-in mesh screen filters to prevent nozzle clogging. Beware of
cheaper misting nozzles that do not have built-in filters, they will clog quickly and you will have to replace them often. The filters on each misting
nozzle help prevent any sediment or debris from clogging the nozzle orifice. If needed, the filters on the nozzles can be easily cleaned by
removing the misting nozzles from the mister head with a wrench. The plastic misting nozzles will not drip with low water pressure and are
corrosion resistant meaning they will actually outlast metal misting nozzles!

The portable low pressure water mister is available with 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10 misting nozzles.The bigger the area you are trying to cool with the
mister, the more nozzles you will want on the mister in order to cool the area down quickly. When in doubt, it is always better to buy a mister with
more misting nozzles because you can always plug misting nozzles off if the mister is making too much mist for your liking. The 5, 7, and 10
nozzle portable misters are the most popular sizes ordered for cooling patios and decks. The 3 and 4 nozzle misters are best for smaller areas.
Optional Accessories
Add an In-Line Water Filter For Double Protection

If you have a high sediment content, debris, lime, or calcium in your water,
we highly recommend you install a low pressure inline filter to your water
mister. The inline filter will filter all of the water as it enters your water mister
and catch most debris before it reaches the filters on your misting nozzles.
An inline filter is a wise way to protect your investment!

$30 (will be installed on your mister)
Brass Plugs- 10 Pack (to plug off misting nozzles)

If your water mister is making too much mist for your liking, you can
always remove misting nozzles and plug them off with these brass
plugs. These brass plugs are sold in packs of 10 and are made from
solid brass.

Pack of 10 Brass Plugs- $20
2 Nozzle Portable Low Pressure Mister:
Unpainted: $149.99       Painted: $179.99

3 Nozzle Portable Low Pressure Mister
Unpainted: $159.99       Painted: $189.99

4 Nozzle Portable Low Pressure Mister
Unpainted: $169.99       Panted: $199.99

5 Nozzle Portable Low Pressure Mister
Unpainted: $179.99       Painted: $209.99

7 Nozzle Portable Low Pressure Mister
Unpainted: $199.99       Painted: $229.99

10 Nozzle Portable Low Pressure Mister
Unpainted: $229.99        Painted:$259.99
Stand Color
Stand Color
Stand Color
Stand Color
Stand Color
Stand Color
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