3 Nozzle Mister
4 Nozzle Mister
Our permanently mounted low pressure water misters are available with 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10 misting nozzles. These water misters attach to any
garden hose and provide a very fine mist making the water mister ideal for mist cooling, dust control, and odor control applications. If you do not
have the time to install a misting system on your back patio, this water mister is a great alternative and it arrives fully assembled. A portable version
of this mister that is mounted to a stand is also available by
clicking here

If you plan on using the Permanently Mounted Low Pressure Mister for a mist cooling, you will be depending on the outside air to carry the mist
across your patio or deck. We recommend mounting the mister at least 5 to 6 feet off of the ground for best results. A slight air movement is all you
need to make the mist travel as far as 25 feet from this height.
Click here to see a video of the mist traveling across a patio when mounted 6 feet
off the ground. Common ways to mount this water mister are with screws and nails using the pre-drilled mounting holes. However some people use
cable ties or string to form a loop and then use an "S" Hook to hang the mister, this allows you to move the mister to different areas.

Our advice is the bigger the area you are trying to cool, the more misting nozzles you will want on the mister. The 4, 5, 7, and 10 nozzle misters are
ideal for cooling most medium to large sized patios and decks, The 2 and 3 nozzle misters are ideal for small patios and balconies. It's always
better to get a mister with more misting nozzles than not enough because you can always plug misting nozzles off if the mister is making too much
mist for your liking. These plugs can be ordered below if you would like them. These misters can be attached to the front of approved outdoor
rated fans with fully enclosed motors to turn them into misting fans.

The mister body is constructed from high quality aluminum and it is anodized black to hold up in even the most extreme outdoor elements.
Pre-drilled mounting holes on all sides of the mister body allow you to mount the mister either vertically or horizontally. The plastic misting nozzles
will outlast brass misting nozzles because they are corrosion and UV resistant and do not have a tendency to drip with low water pressure. Built-in
mesh screen filters on each misting nozzle prevent nozzle clogging and damage. Each misting nozzle consumes a minimal amount of water per
hour, 0.63gph@40psi or 1.00gph@100psi. A brass garden hose swivel makes attaching the mister to your garden hose fast and easy.

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Hands down the highest quality water mister you can purchase. This mister should last you a LIFETIME!
Permanently Mounted Low Pressure Misters
2 Nozzle Mister- $69.99

3 Nozzle Mister- $79.99

4 Nozzle Mister- $89.99

5 Nozzle Mister- $99.99

7 Nozzle Mister- $124.99

10 Nozzle Mister- $154.99


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Optional Accessories
Add an In-Line Water Filter For Double Protection

If you have a high sediment content, debris, lime, or calcium in your water, we
highly recommend you install a low pressure inline filter to your water mister.
The inline filter will filter all of the water as it enters your water mister and
catch most debris before it reaches the filters on your misting nozzles. An
inline filter is a wise way to protect your investment!

$30 (will be installed on your mister)
Brass Plugs- 10 Pack (to plug off misting nozzles)

If your water mister is making too much mist for your liking, you can
always remove misting nozzles and plug them off with these brass
plugs. These brass plugs are sold in packs of 10 and are made from
solid brass.

Pack of 10 Brass Plugs- $20
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Nozzles are plastic and nozzle color may
vary. Plastic nozzles outlast brass nozzles.