Types of Misting Products
From misting fans to high pressure misting systems that line your entire porch with misting nozzles, there are a ton
of options out there to help keep you cool in the hot summer heat. With all of these different products it can be
confusing to determine what type of misting product would be best for your needs. Below we will briefly discuss the
different misting products that are available to you so that you can decide which products best fit your needs.

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Misting fans are extremely popular for both residential and commercial mist cooling applications. A misting fan is
simply a fan with a water mister on the front. The water mister sprays a fine mist of water and the fan helps to
spread the mist over a certain area to cool the surrounding air. The fan itself helps to cool the outside air by
circulating the stagnant air with cool air that was created from the water mister. You can turn the water mister off
and use just the fan itself to provide relief without the water mister. Misting fans are great for keeping unwanted
bugs and insects away while you sit on your patio since they do not like the breeze that comes from the fan or the
slight noise generated from the fan blades.

Water misting fans are available with both high and low pressure water misters. High pressure misters will cool the
air more efficiently than low pressure water misters since they use high pressure water. Misting fans are available
with wall mount brackets to mount the unit directly to a wall or with a pedestal to have the misting fan stand
upright by itself.

Misting fans use fully enclosed motors. The enclosed motor prevents the motor from shorting out in the event it
gets wet from moisture. Misting fans can be left outdoors but it is highly recommend to bring them inside if
possible when they are not in use. Almost all misting fans have multiple speed settings to determine how much air
they will move. The bigger the fan diameter, the more air the fan will move.
A misting system utilizes a supply line that transfers water to misting nozzles that line the entire length of your
patio or deck. Misting systems are available in both high and low pressure versions. High pressure misting
systems attach to misting pumps to use high pressure water and low pressure misting systems attach directly to a
garden hose to operate with normal household water pressure.

Misting systems are a fast way to cool your patio or deck down since the entire area is lined with water misting
nozzles. Some people place their misting systems on timers so that the misting systems kicks on and off
automatically. The breeze from outside helps to circulate the mist to cool areas beyond your misting system.
Water misters come in a wide variety of styles. Some water misters have a single misting nozzle while others have
multiple misting nozzles. Water misters are available in both high and low pressure versions, but low pressure
misters are the most common and they attach to any garden hose to provide a fine mist.

A water mister works by spraying a fine mist of water into the surrounding air. As the mist evaporates it cools the
air through what is known as flash evaporation. This cool air then circulates to cool areas away from the water
mister. If you are planning on using a water mister to cool a patio or deck down, you will be depending on the
wind or breeze to help circulate the mist and cool air from your water mister as water misters do not have a lot of
throw. We have both permanent and portable water misters available.
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